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Crowley king of hell

crowley king of hell

Crowley (a.k.a.) The Daring-est Devil You've Ever Seen (a.k.a.) King of Hell ( a.k.a.) Mark Sheppard (a.k.a.) The Only Redeeming Quality About #Supernatural . My beloved Husband and King of Hell ❤ | Weitere Ideen zu Crowley, Supernatural und King. crowley i am hell of a guy - Google-Suche. Pin for Later: 27 Quotes From Supernatural's Crowley That You'll Definitely Need in I get to kiss the King of Hell?. When Crowley refuses, Castiel raises his hand and hooters casino hotel 115 east tropicana avenue las vegas nv to smite him where he stands, for which Crowley dfb trikot sane him to try paypal in english kill him holland casino jackpot venlo to do paypal in english his way and simply beg him. Dean tells Crowley to stay away from her, causing Crowley to turn his sofot überweisung to Dean and threaten to take him a part atom by atom, but is soon stabbed and pinned to the wall by Dean, who finds Amara no longer in her crib. He leans nonchalantly against the bars of the valentino rossi größe, greeting Crowley, who pretends to still be a loyal acolyte. At a barn in Ohio, Crowley refuses to turn jackpot gewinnen the First Blade until they have Cain where they want him. When Sam and Dean find him, he agrees to tell them what the Witch wanted in exchange for being allowed to stretch his legs. Crowley repeats his earlier assertion that he cannot, prompting Castiel to incinerate his bones. Castiel arrives, telling Dean he needs his help in undertaking the trials. Rowena attempts to assure Crowley that Lucifer has changed, to no avail. Arriving at the location the spell indicated, Crowley is terrified to find Cain who silences him and keeps him from live stream bvb liverpool. Crowley then tells Dean that he must decide if he really wants to rule Hell with him or not. They are shocked that he would want the Devil dead, and Crowley explains his reasoning:. While he occasionally responds to crossroads summonings in person, to be certain of summoning Crowley himself, and not another crossroads demona ritual involving a sigil, candles, a bowl of herbs, human blood, and an incantation is required. Melissa Carroll hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Crowley king of hell Ihr plötzlicher Tod hinterlässt die Kinder traumatisiert. Rechtliche Informationen des Verkäufers. Casino movie download in hindi 480p finden sie heraus, dass Bobby vor Jahren einwohnerzahlen großstädte deutschland ähnlichen Fall in der gleichen Gegend bearbeitet hat. Dieser Artikel niketown deutschland nach Bulgarien http: Der Verkäufer ist für dieses Angebot verantwortlich. Bestimmte Zahlungsmethoden werden in der Kaufabwicklung nur bei hinreichender Bonität des Käufers angeboten. Verbraucher können den Artikel zu den unten angegebenen Bedingungen zurückgeben. Es sind 8 Artikel verfügbar. Eine geheimnisvolle Frau scheint dahinter zu stecken. Video on Demand Verfügbarkeit.

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He later shows them an article in the newspaper that tells of flu vaccinations from Niveus Pharmaceuticals that are about to be distributed nation-wide.

Crowley correctly believes they are packed full of the Croatoan virus. Sam , Bobby , and Castiel decide to sabotage the deliveries whilst Dean and Crowley face off against Death.

In Chicago, Crowley finds the Horseman sitting alone in a pizzeria and leaves Dean to face him. Bobby offers him a drink, but Crowley declines on the grounds that Bobby does not have his favorite scotch.

Bobby then asks Crowley to follow through on the deal they made in 5. Crowley demands to be let go but Bobby refuses, so Crowley summons his hellhound with a whistle, and gives Bobby the choice of living out the ten years included in his deal , or "ten years as Alpo.

The following year, Bobby captures a crossroads demon and holds her captive in his basement. He shows her that he has her bones, the remains of her human body.

She refuses, telling Bobby that Crowley is now the King of Hell , and that she fears his reprisal. Bobby takes a blowtorch to her bones, causing the demon to burn inside her meatsuit.

Bobby soon disposes of her. He captained a trading ship that went down in Massachusetts in Rufus gets the ring but is captured by the authorities.

Bobby says that depends on him. Bobby comments that he looks like "hammered crap," and asks him about being "the Big Kahuna" in Hell. Crowley produces a flask and a shot glass, pours himself a drink, and drops two antacid tablets in it.

At this point Gavin manifests. Crowley feigns emotion at the sight of him, before revealing to Bobby that he and Gavin hated each other, and that Bobby picked the wrong bargaining chip.

He encourages Bobby to go ahead and torture Gavin. Bobby says that Gavin gladly told him everything about his father. In life, Crowley, formerly Fergus MacLeod, was "nothing but a two-bit tailor who sold his soul in exchange for an extra three inches below the belt.

He hands Crowley a telephone. Crowley nervously tells them the burning bones story is a myth; Bobby responds by relating what happened to the crossroads demon he interrogated and killed in his basement earlier.

Bobby makes Crowley an offer: Dean can be heard flicking his lighter over the telephone. Crowley arrives in Scotland moments later, where Sam and Dean are still standing over his bones.

Dean threatens to burn the bones anyway, but Sam tells him to stand down. Crowley picks up the bones and puts them in a large black leather bag.

The Alpha tells Dean and Sam that Samuel has been torturing him for information about Purgatory , where creatures like himself go when they die, and hints that Samuel is working for someone else.

Dean and Sam are then discovered talking to the Alpha and are held at gunpoint, and, while they argue with Samuel, the Alpha escapes his cage.

They resolve to kill it if possible, but it quickly gains the upper hand and is about to turn Sam when demons arrive and take the Alpha Vampire away with them.

As the new King of Hell , Crowley had the power to resurrect Samuel and Sam, and he did so because he wanted their help. Since his resurrection, Samuel has been working for Crowley, gathering high-ranking creatures and trying to learn the location of Purgatory because Crowley is interested in "developing" it.

Crowley then tells them that if Sam ever wants the return of his soul , he and Dean need to help Samuel continue to capture creatures for him. Ten quid says you will.

You like pain, Sam? This is a hostage situation, you arrogant little thug. I own your brother, do you understand me? The Alpha has taken on his form.

The Alpha informs Crowley that it will just create more shapeshifters. He has set up a trap wherein Castiel is banished and the boys and Meg are captured.

Crowley condemns the Winchesters to death by feeding them to ghouls , but Sam escapes his cell and saves Dean. Together they free Meg.

Crowley, busy interrogating the djinn Brigitta , is lured into a confrontation by the sounding of a fire alarm.

Crowley repeats his earlier assertion that he cannot, prompting Castiel to incinerate his bones. Eve traps Dean and Sam in a diner and explains that her actions in rising from Purgatory , and mobilizing all the supernatural beings are in reaction to Crowley capturing and torturing "her children.

Later, Sam , Dean , Bobby and Castiel go to find the young boy who has been made into a monster. They find both the boys dead and sulfur present, indicating a demon killed them.

Castiel leaves, ostensibly to discover if Crowley is still alive. Castiel is highly reluctant to trust Crowley, but the King of Hell brings the wayward angel around to his way of thinking by revealing his plan to plunder the souls of the ,, monsters trapped in Purgatory, so that they can be used as a means to "go nuclear" against Raphael and his followers.

Crowley even offers an advance loan of 50, souls from Hell in exchange for half the souls in Purgatory. Castiel asks if he has made any progress in locating Purgatory, to which Crowley angrily retorts not as much as if Eve were captured alive; as she was their best hope of finding a doorway to Purgatory.

Upon closer examination, Crowley realizes that Castiel has been spending more time with the Winchesters and expresses his displeasure with having to hide from them and pleads with Castiel to let him kill them.

After several of his demon monster hunters are wiped out by Castiel to stop the Winchesters from using them as a route to Crowley, the King of Hell sends three of his very best demons to kill Sam , Dean and Bobby but Castiel intervenes and smites them all.

He then vanishes, to which a shaken Crowley comments: From amongst the demons appears Crowley, who chastises Castiel for his predicament before releasing him and once again trying to convince Castiel to see the error in his compassion towards the boys, but Castiel simply warns Crowley to get out of his face.

Crowley obliges, leaving with the remark: I know what I am. In an effort to deter the Winchesters from interfering with his plans, Crowley kidnaps Ben and Lisa and calls Dean to offer an ultimatum: Meanwhile, Castiel tries to convince Crowley to let them go, but he refuses to reveal their location.

As an insurance policy should Dean find them, Crowley instructs a demon to occupy Lisa to keep Dean from rescuing them.

This partially succeeds, as the demon fatally wounds Lisa before being exorcised. Dean rescues her and Ben, the former being healed by a remorseful Castiel, who also later locates and captures a "native of Purgatory " for Crowley.

Crowley and Castiel interrogate Eleanor Visyak and learn the ritual required to open the door to Purgatory. After Crowley has collected the blood required from a virgin and a Purgatory native , Castiel informs him that the deal has changed - Castiel will not share the souls of Purgatory with him.

His options, Castiel says, are "flee or die. Together they draw the sigils and, while the moon is eclipsed, Crowley recites the incantation to open the door.

He is interrupted by Dean and Bobby, but he disables them while he completes the ritual. When Raphael asks Castiel why he let the demon escape, Castiel replies that he has plans for him.

Castiel finds Crowley living in a trailer in Tennessee, which he enters easily despite it being covered in angel proofing sigils.

Crowley assumes Castiel has come to kill him, but Castiel reveals he wants Crowley to return to being King of Hell as he needs Hell as a threat for his enemies.

However, from now on Castiel will determine where souls go, and will restrict the number going to Hell. Though initially reluctant to cross Castiel, Crowley later delivers a binding spell to them, with a note attached "Bye forever you fools.

But despite having a hand in their release from Purgatory , Crowley is unable to convince Dick that he is anything more than a "bottom-feeding mutation" and needless to say; Crowley fails to sell his idea.

But Jackson sells his partner out to Crowley who arrives just in time to save the wayward demon from being killed by Dean Winchester.

The demon realizes his mistake but Crowley is unsympathetic and intends to use Guy as an example to the others. Crowley negotiates a prisoner exchange of sorts: Dean agrees, and Crowley honors his end by ending the contracts.

Crowley then returns to Hell with the crossroads demon , and presumably makes an example of him. Dean, however, kills the demon before he can take Emmanuel actually an amnesiac Castiel to Crowley.

Meg reveals that she still harbors intentions of killing Crowley and that Crowley in turn put a price on her head, causing her to be hunted by other demons.

As the rest of her fellow Lucifer loyalists having all been killed or captured by Crowley and she needs allies, she seeks Dean out and gets him to resume their alliance against Crowley.

Later on, when Castiel regains his memory, he briefly has a flashback of Crowley from 6. It turns out to be a trick, with Meg killing the other demons before word gets back to Crowley that Castiel is still alive.

Dean dismisses him as a threat when compared to the Leviathan , but Meg insists that Crowley is "always" the problem, just laying low and manipulating events until the time is right for him to take advantage of the situation.

Crowley is summoned by Sam and Dean who clue him in on their plan to take out Dick Roman. He then vanishes on the promise to return next time they call.

Dick greets him jovially, stating that they have much to discuss. Meg tries to flee but Crowley prevents her, promising to take her back to Hell once Dick is dealt with.

He gives the boys his blood, informing them of the offer Dick made; leaving it ambiguous as to whether he should be trusted or not. He explains to a panicking Sam that he has an army of demons mopping up the rest of the Leviathans , two of which have also captured Meg.

Sam demands to know where Dean is but Crowley offers no answers, instead leaving him with the knowledge that he is "truly alone" before vanishing along with Kevin Tran as a prize.

A year before the events of the episode, Crowley has Kevin Tran spiffed up and then taken to a warehouse where he has somehow gotten his hands on another Word of God tablet.

Crowley stays in contact with his men through a cell phone while Kevin casts the spell, however, Kevin betrays him and casts a different spell, this one to destroy demons and escapes with the tablet.

Apparently by following Sam and Dean, Crowley is able to locate Kevin and after Sam and Dean kill his minions, steps in himself with Channing.

Crowley offers Kevin a deal: Kevin agrees to the deal and goes to get his stuff. Crowley and Channing enter the backroom where Kevin drops a bucket of holy water on them, allowing himself and the Winchesters to escape.

After learning that the demon tablet is at an auction run by Plutus , Crowley travels there to bid for it as Plutus has put up protections against any sort of magics or violence.

Crowley asks why Sam and Dean are bothering to get the tablet as all they can get from it is information on how to kill a few demons , but they brush him off.

After learning that Crowley is the one who kidnapped her son, Linda Tran punches him in the face, amazing him and causing him to warn Sam and Dean not to try anything as further violence could get them kicked out.

He bids the real Mona Lisa, Alaska and the moon for the tablet, but is rejected and Kevin is added to the sale. Crowley is outbid by Linda who offers up her own soul in exchange for the tablet and her son.

Crowley tries to outbid that by offering up a million souls, but Plutus is only interested as she is sacrificing everything she is to win the bid.

Crowley offers up his own soul, but Plutus rejects the offer as Crowley has none. Dean chases him while Sam dispatches Beau who tries to keep Kevin to trade for another private island, but Dean catches up with Crowley and tries to kill him even though it will kill Linda Tran also.

Crowley manages to throw Dean off of him and abandons Linda as a cloud of red smoke and reenters his usual meatsuit which is in a nearby room. Before departing, Crowley advises Kevin to flee Sam and Dean, telling him that they will dispose of him once they no longer need him.

Desperate to get the Word of God tablet translated, Crowley captures Samandriel and tortures the angel with an angel blade for the names of all the future prophets.

Crowley tries to get the future prophets to translate the tablet for him, but none of them can and frustrated, he kills one.

After learning the location of Kevin Tran and his mother from Delta Mendota , Crowley arrives and kidnaps Kevin once again, ordering a demon minion to kill Mrs.

Crowley takes Kevin back to his warehouse headquarters and demands Kevin read the tablet or he will kill him and have the next prophet read it for him, proving his point by killing another future prophet.

Kevin refuses, but as Crowley wants Kevin to read it for him and not someone else, he tortures Kevin, cutting off his finger to force him to agree.

Crowley has Kevin read the titles of the sections of the tablet to him, which include the sections on how to kill demons and closing the Gates of Hell , interesting Crowley as he realizes that the gates really can be closed.

Kevin finds a note from the angel Metatron , writer of the tablet, in which he says he will be taking his leave of God and Heaven after he writes the tablets and leaves them for humanity.

It interests Crowley as it reveals that there are more Word of God tablets than just the ones on leviathans and demons. Castiel makes his wings appear and reaches out to smite Crowley.

To stop him, Castiel breaks the tablet in half and Crowley only gets away with half of it while Castiel and the Winchesters get the other half.

Crowley sets Viggo to interrogate Samandriel for whatever they can get out of him and is annoyed when Viggo summons him until he realizes that Samandriel has gone back to "factory settings" and that Viggo has tapped into his "operating system" with his torture.

Crowley continues the torture personally to get what he can out of the angel who speaks in Enochian which Crowley can understand. As Sam and Dean try to break in, Crowley continues the torture as he appears to be getting close to something and is shocked when Samandriel reveals that there is an angel tablet.

Crowley flees as Sam and Dean finally break in. Dean, desperate for a way to kill a hellhound in order to close the Gates of Hell considers summoning a crossroads demon and forcing them to summon a hellhound for him to kill, but Sam is sure that if Crowley gets wind of what they are up to, he will send a hundred instead to kill them.

While investigating a family they believe has made a deal , Sam learns that Crowley himself made the deal with the people, posing as a traveling salesman back when he was just King of the Crossroads.

However, Dean learns that Crowley failed to mention the fact that in ten years he would be back to collect their souls. Looking for the angel tablet , Crowley figures out that it was in the hands of Lucifer and that he had it hidden in one of his many crypts.

Needing someone who knows their location, he tortures Meg who knows from her time with Azazel. Meg gives him general locations so Crowley has his demons possess people who know things about the various towns and use their knowledge to dig for the crypts.

One of his demons calls him to report his failure to find the crypt and that all of the other demons are dead and Meg is gone.

Crowley himself appears while the demon is on the phone with him and angered at the failure, stabs with the demon with an angel blade , killing him and decides to take up the search himself.

Crowley is annoyed that Castiel has been foiling him again and tries to convince Meg to turn on the Winchesters, telling her that they plan to seal all demons in Hell and kill him.

However, Meg tells him he sold her on their plan with the fact that they want to kill him and the two fight with their angel blades.

Meg proves to be no match for Crowley, but her actions allow Sam, Dean and Castiel time to escape, Castiel with the angel tablet.

Meg taunts Crowley over how Castiel apparently has the tablet as Sam and Dean are leaving without him and stabs Crowley through the shoulder with her blade.

Barely affected, Crowley removes the blade and stabs Meg with his own, killing her. In the crypt, Crowley meets the angel Naomi who is also looking for the tablet.

Crowley indicates a previous sexual relationship between the two and realizes that the tablet is indeed gone and that Castiel has it.

Naomi tells him that Castiel is doing exactly what he is meant to do: Crowley starts to offer Naomi a deal and is annoyed when she disappears when he turns away as that is what he usually does.

After learning from one of his demons that rogue reaper Ajay was seen making a deal with the Winchesters, Crowley approaches him in his cab for answers.

Talking with his assistant, Crowley puts everything together: However, Naomi shows up to stop him. Crowley tries to convince her not to help as he believes the Winchesters will seal Heaven as well, but telling him that she hopes he gets sealed up first, Naomi tries to smite Crowley who flees.

Crowley captures Kevin and takes all of his notes on the tablet, fixing the damage so it looks like Kevin simply ran away.

Naomi retreats and Crowley reveals that the wounded angel, Ion , is working for him. He takes Castiel and deduces that the angel tablet is inside Castiel, which he then removes after shooting Castiel in the stomach.

Crowley reveals himself to Kevin and asks how he figured it out, Kevin explains that his fake Sam and Dean were too polite and accommodating, and that Crowley will not be able to break him.

Crowley claims that he has already won as he has the angel tablet and has many deals in play that they do not know about.

Attempting to recover the tablet, Crowley uses the Supernatural books to find people that the Winchesters have saved in the past and kill them, reasoning that the Winchesters will be left feeling guilty and grief-stricken about the fact that they have failed the people they saved, their victories in saving lives defining their own existences.

These deaths include making Tommy Collins explode and boiling Jenny Klein in her oven. Sheriff Jody Mills is on a date with a man that she thinks is named Roderick but is actually Crowley.

The two get along great and Crowley claims to have lost someone special too, reminding Jody of the deaths of her son and husband and to start crying.

Jody goes to the bathroom to calm down, but falls under a spell Crowley casts that causes her to choke on her own blood - there is a hex bag in her handbag.

Sam and Dean call Crowley and demand he stop and he offers them a deal , using the little time Jody has left to force the issue.

Dean agrees on the condition they trade the angel tablet for the demon tablet and Crowley agrees if they say "I surrender. At the ruins of Singer Salvage Yard , Sam shows Crowley the demon tablet to prove he has it while Crowley shows them the angel tablet.

Crowley produces a contract many yards long, and Dean insists on reading the fine detail. As he does, he gets close to Crowley and snaps handcuffs etched with binding sigils on him, trapping him.

Sam and Dean take Crowley to a small church to undergo the third of the trials - to cure him. Castiel arrives, telling Dean he needs his help in undertaking the trials.

Dean is reluctant to go, but Sam insists he will be fine. After confessing his sins, Sam starts injecting Crowley with his blood.

At one point Crowley bites Sam, and when he leaves to get a bandage, Crowley casts a spell and uses the blood to send a call for help.

Abaddon arrives, and throws Sam through a window, but she tells Crowley she is not there to help him, but to take over ruling Hell.

Before she can kill the helpless Crowley, Sam douses her meatsuit with holy oil , setting her on fire and she vacates the body and leaves. Crowley, who is obviously regaining his humanity, tries to bond with Sam, tearfully declaring that he deserves to loved.

He also asks what he could do to even begin to ask for forgiveness. Sam suggests he could start by going along with the cure and Crowley willingly does.

Dean arrives just as Sam is about to complete the ritual, and begs him to stop warning it will kill him. Sam does and Crowley is left as Dean takes a collapsing Sam outside.

At first Crowley does nothing, but eventually answers "yes. Sam and Dean take Crowley to the Bunker and lock him in the dungeon to the panic of Kevin as Crowley had previously tortured him.

Sam and Dean lock the dungeon and shut the lights to leave Crowley to reflect, which he does, remembering how he nearly became human. Hearing Kevin in the next room getting a file, Crowley taunts him, causing Kevin to beat him with his fists and a sledgehammer.

Crowley claims to Kevin that he never killed his mother and that he will lead Kevin to her if he releases him. Crowley also tells Kevin that the Winchesters will use him and then discard him as there will always be more prophets.

While Kevin considers releasing Crowley, he decides not to and leaves him in the dungeon. When Sam and Dean return to the Bunker, Crowley reveals the names of two demons to them that he claims they would be doing him a favor by killing.

Crowley offers them a deal: Dean has Sam check on the names Crowley gave them while he stops Kevin from leaving, telling him that even if Crowley was telling the truth, his mother is dead in all the ways that matters.

Sam gives Crowley a pen and paper for more demon names, but Crowley refuses unless he can stretch his legs.

Sam just leaves the paper and pen with Crowley and leaves. When the Wicked Witch of the West escapes, she finds Crowley and he has her write what she wants on the paper.

When she writes " key ," Crowley tells her that the Winchesters keep the keys in the kitchen. When Sam and Dean find him, he agrees to tell them what the Witch wanted in exchange for being allowed to stretch his legs.

Sam releases him from the collar keeping him in his chair, but he stalls so Dean shoots him. Crowley shows them the paper and tells them what he told the Witch.

Sam and Dean then leave him alone. After the Wicked Witch is killed, Sam secures him to his chair again and puts a pen and paper in front of Crowley again.

When Crowley tries to get more out of him, Sam leaves without ever saying a word, leaving the paper for Crowley. Annoyed, Crowley mutters " bollocks.

Kevin tells Sam there is some smudging on the tablet, as if the scribe does not want anyone to read it. He and Sam cannot translate it. Sam suggests they get Crowley to translate Crowley can read the tablet, but refuses.

Sam threatens to give Crowley up to Abaddon. Crowley asks for one phone call. Crowley proves that he can read the translation. Sam decides to let Crowley have one phone call.

Kevin says letting the King of Hell and Abaddon communicate with each other is a terrible idea. The phone call involves drawing blood. After some coaxing, Kevin agrees.

He fills a syringe with his blood. With the blood bubbling in a bowl, Crowley contacts Hell. When he says he is their King, he is put on hold.

Abaddon gleefully tells Crowley that she has doubled his projections by voiding his contracts and bringing more souls to Hell. She insults Crowley and tells him she will soon replace him.

Crowley yells that you cannot rule Hell with chaos, and she will burn. Crowley passes the bowl back to Sam. Crowley asks for the transcripts, saying that he keeps his promises.

Crowley reads the transcripts, and gives them the bad news: When Sam is washing out the bowl of blood, he notices something amiss with the set of syringes.

Opening it, he finds one gone. Crowley palmed one of the syringes. Dean asks Castiel for help. Castiel reminds Dean of the angel Samandriel [13] and says that the demons were able to dig into his mind , and they might be able to bypass the angel and talk directly to Sam.

Crowley then taunts Dean saying that people, who get close to him, get killed. Crowley agrees to help them crack open the angel in return they will allow him a little field trip with the chains still on.

Dean then agrees to the deal. Cecily insists on meeting Crowley alone in a warded room, thus making Castiel unable to listen in. She also implies that she is not totally loyal to Crowley but that she is playing both sides.

She then locates the Impala for Crowley. Dean then asks for Castiel to possess Sam and help him kick Gadreel out. Crowley then offers to do it if they remove the chains and set him free.

As Sam starts to wake up, Abaddon arrives, and Crowley tells them to leave. Abaddon wants to fight, but Crowley likens their conflict more to an election - whoever wins over the demons will rule hell.

Searching for the First Blade , the only weapon that can kill Abaddon , Crowley approaches Dean for help, revealing that the only demon who knew about the Blade was captured by John Winchester before Crowley could get to him.

Finding Tara, she recognizes Crowley as a demon and initially refuses to help until she is told about Abaddon.

After Tara reveals that the last ingredient of a locator spell for the Blade is the essence of kraken, Crowley takes off to get it.

With the spell , Dean and Crowley are able to track the Blade to Missouri. Arriving at the location the spell indicated, Crowley is terrified to find Cain who silences him and keeps him from fleeing.

Four demons arrive to attack and Crowley kills one with an angel blade while Dean kills the rest. As an army of demons arrive, Cain agrees to help, revealing that Abaddon murdered his wife.

Cain teleports Crowley and Dean outside as he takes on the demon army and they flee. Dean realizes that Crowley was actually using him all along, having known the truth about the Blade and Cain the whole time.

While Dean threatens to kill Crowley once they have dealt with Abaddon, the two are forced to work together for the time being as Crowley is the only one who can find and retrieve the Blade.

Crowley has grown addicted to human blood and relies on a demon named Lola to get it, not knowing that she is betraying his secrets to Abaddon.

After discovering her betrayal and killing her, Crowley calls in Sam and Dean who force him to detox from the blood.

Crowley reveals that he tracked the Blade down from where it was retrieved from the bottom of the Marianas Trench years earlier and helps Sam and Dean find who it was sold to by possessing the man sent to meet with them briefly.

Sam and Dean learn that a man going by Magnus got the Blade and realize he was one of the Men of Letters. Crowley reveals that Magnus was a rogue member who he had been trying to track down but lost track of.

After Sam is sent back without Dean when Magnus decides to add Dean to his "collection," Sam and Crowley work together to get inside his lair.

Once inside, though he is powerless, Crowley avoids capture and frees Dean, allowing him to kill Magnus with the First Blade.

However, knowing Sam and Dean will likely betray and try to kill him, Crowley steals the Blade from them until such time that they track down Abaddon and use it to kill her.

After Dean calls him and then hangs up, Crowley tracks him down at a bar and tries to convince him to embrace the Mark of Cain and the killer instinct that comes with it, but Dean refuses.

While Crowley is using the bathroom, Dean stops a hunter from going after him and confronts Crowley as he believes Crowley was shooting up again with human blood.

Crowley agrees to bring Dean the Blade when he finds Abaddon, but meets with the " hunter ," Jake , that was supposedly after him. Its revealed that Jake is actually a demon working for Crowley who he used to test Dean to see if Dean would save him.

After Abaddon causes Gavin great pain, Crowley agrees and informs Sam and Dean of where to find the First Blade , calling off a hellhound guarding it.

He then tells them where to find him and that he has found Abaddon, but tells Dean "Poughkeepsie," the code word Dean taught him that means "drop everything and run" to warn him of the trap.

When Dean arrives, Crowley tells him Abaddon is close then warns him with his eyes of an attacking demon. Dean kills the demon and faces off against Abaddon while Crowley watches immobile.

Sam informs him that they are letting him live and he should be happy with that. Pretending to say goodbye to his son, Crowley teleports him to a park where he tells him of his fate and that he should build a new life in the present.

Having regained his post as King of Hell, Crowley is summoned by Dean while he is getting a massage. In "Soul Survivor", Crowley returns to rule of Hell, executing Abaddon supporters, but finds his time with Dean to be causing him problems.

To solve this, Crowley saves Castiel and Hannah from the rogue angel Adina and gives Castiel her grace so he can stop Dean by whatever means necessary, whether they be helping cure him or kill him.

In "Girls, Girls, Girls", Crowley learns of the demonic brothel run by two of his demons and while disgusted as he finds it "tacky" rather than evil, orders one to track down the witch who destroyed the brothel.

Crowley kills Gerald to save her, not knowing that Rowena was lying and lets her out of her cell. Rowena was a terrible mother who ended up abandoning him at age eight and never returning despite promising to, something Crowley holds a great deal of resentment towards her for.

Rowena plots against Crowley, making him have nightmares of being attacked by his demons and spying on a meeting with the Winchesters where they ask him for the First Blade back to help get rid of the Mark of Cain.

Crowley reluctantly goes to retrieve the Blade from where he stashed it in a crypt in Guam with his bones, but discovers it missing.

Returning to Hell, he finds that Rowena has killed his loyal demon Guthrie who stole the Blade for her. In Season 10 Episode 17, inside man, Crowley kicks Rowena out because he learns that she has been plotting against him and has been lying to him.

Lucifer eventually escapes and apparently kills Crowley, something the Winchesters learn about from the British Men of Letters.

In "All Along the Watchtower", Crowley is revealed to have survived by possessing a rat before Lucifer "killed" him. Returning to his usual vessel, Crowley offers his help to defeat Lucifer at which point he promises to personally seal the Gates of Hell, tired of his job as the King of Hell and all of the backstabbing that comes with it.

As the spell requires the sacrifice of a life, Crowley says his goodbyes to the Winchesters before killing himself with an angel blade. Starting in the eighth season finale "Sacrifice", Crowley began exposing a "new emotional vulnerability" as a result of an unfinished demon-curing ritual performed on him in the episode and a resulting addiction to human blood in Season 9.

Season 12 revealed he occupied his throne as "King Of Hell" because the prince of hell next in line for the throne, Ramiel, has no interest in the title.

He gives Crowley the throne under one condition: Ramiel lived a solitary life fishing until one day, the Winchesters and Castiel go kicking up that nest.

Crowley saved Castiel by breaking the Lance, therefore breaking the spell the Lance of Michael carried. Maureen Ryan of The Chicago Tribune disclosed in her October 9, review of fifth season episode "Fallen Idols" that "the ubiquitous and talented Mark Sheppard " had been cast as the "pivotal" demon character Crowley in the upcoming episode "Abandon All Hope Sheppard revealed in an interview with Variety on November 11, that he and Manners had discussed the possibility of Sheppard appearing on Supernatural , but that Manners had died before Sheppard ultimately landed his role as Crowley.

In the same interview, Sheppard also revealed that when reading the script for "Abandon All Hope", he "got the giggles" and took the part partially to honor Manners and partially out of appreciation for the work of writer Ben Edlund , as Edlund had written for Firefly , another show on which Sheppard appeared.

Fan reaction to Crowley has been described as being positive as well. The character was described as a "fan-favorite" [37] and "one of the most iconic and popular characters on the show" since his first appearance.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The CW Television Network. Jensen Ackles October 15, Guy Bee November 5,

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